Bee Line Townsend 14" Orbiter Floor Frame - Free Continental US Shipping!

Bee Line Townsend 14" Orbiter Floor Frame - Free Continental US Shipping!
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Bee Line 14" Orbiting Frames are here, now with Free UPS Shipping in the continental US!

Introducing the Bee Line 14" Orbiting Floor Frame, the very best floor frame available for rug hooking! This frame folds for easy portability and travel and is sturdy enough for large and heavy rugs.

Engineered with convenience, durability, and reliability in mind, the Bee Line 14" Orbiting Floor Frame is a fully articulating frame design. Constructed from steel and lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, the Bee Line 14" Orbiting Floor Frame has been updated to be the best engineered stand frame on the rug hooking market.

The full 14" square frame allows for a generous rug hooking area, with telescoping height adjustment, frame tilt, and 360 degree frame rotation, which allows you to work on any portion of your rug with comfort and ease.

Features: * 360 Degree Rotating Frame * Five Position Frame Tilt * All Side Securing Gripper Strips * Durable Paint Finish * Full 14" Square Work Area * Oversize Lock Knobs * Collapsible Storage & Transport * Canvas Bee Line Frame Cover

This frame is very similar to the original Townsend 14" Orbiting Frame, and with input from the rug hooking world, there are a few minor improvements. The notched ring in the middle, which created a locked position of the frame head every 15 degrees, was changed to a smooth turn which can be tightened at any position. The second lock, deemed unnecessary by rug hooking experts in the field, is gone. The hard cover has been replaced by the canvas cover with Bucky Bee on it.

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