Locker Hooking Supplies

Locker Hooking Supplies
Locker Hooked Rugs are a wonderful companion to traditional hooked rugs. Create a beautiful rug from quilt fabric or other light-weight fabric scraps that can be machine washed. These rugs are perfect for your kitchen or bathroom where you wouldn't place a wool hooked rug. Free instructions are included with every purchase.

Note: Yarn, roving and fabric strips or other fibers may be used with the Locker Hook technique. Fabrics should be cut with a rotary cutter into 1-1/4" strips to be used in locker hooking projects. Save those leftover colorful cotton strips and create a wonderful rug, mat, runner, coaster or any similar creative project.

Fabric Locker Hooking by Kathleen Carpenter
Regular price: $24.99
Sale price: $19.99
MCG Locker Hook
$18.99, 2/$35.99
John James Stainless Locker Hook