Beautiful Wool #129 River Gold or Dye Your Own Pop-N-Dye Packet

Beautiful Wool #129 River Gold or Dye Your Own Pop-N-Dye Packet
Item# BW129rivergold
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About This Item

We now offer professionally hand-dyed wool for Traditional Rug Hooking, Proddy Rug Hooking and Wool Appliqué. Browse through our colorful selection from the 152 colors of our Beautiful Wool Dye Book by Laurice Heath. Select your color in multiples of ¼ yard pieces from the 4 color values from light to dark, or a complete one yard set of the 4 values. Our Beautiful Wool is dyed over high quality natural wool suitable for fine cuts through wide-cut hooking.

Also available, we now offer the new Pop-n-Dye 'dye it yourself' dye color packet series from the Beautiful Wool Dye Book. You will receive a pre-mixed and measured ready-to-use packet of dye complete with citric acid crystals as the mordant. Simply 'pop' the packet contents into a measuring cup, add boiling water, heat a pot of water and pre-soak your wool, and you will be ready to dye your own gorgeous wool. Complete instructions are included; each packet will dye up to a yard of wool depending on how dark you choose to dye your colors. Each packet contains one full 'recipe' of the published Beautiful Wool dye formula. Leftover dye can be stored in a sealed container for future use. Visit our “Wool to Dye For” page to order light woolens to use with these easy to use dye packets.

Select your hand-dyed wool or Pop N Dye packet above, please allow one week for preparation of your order.

Note: Pictured colors may vary slightly depending on your computer screen. The dye process is affected by water quality and content as well as the seasons, and may vary slightly from the photos and from batch to batch.

Custom dyeing is also available for your projects; please contact us regarding our expert service.

Would you like us to cut your wool? Please see our “Wool Cutting Service” so your wool will arrive ready to hook into your beautiful rugs.