Dye Tools Starter Kit

Dye Tools Starter Kit
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About This Item

This is an easy and economical way to get a perfect start on dyeing your own rug hooking wool. This kit combines the best products available to give you the necessary tools for creating gorgeous wool in every color.

The kit includes:

1. Primary Fusion Dye Kit by Ingrid Heironomous. This kit includes complete instructions for dyeing each color using only 4 dye colors, a set of 58 - 8 value wool swatches, and a set of 4 Pro Chem dye colors, each in a 1/3 oz. starter size.

2. Grey Dye Spoons in the 3 spoon set, see Dye Spoons for more information on this wonderful professional dye spoon set.

3. Bluette Hot Water Dyeing Gloves in SM, MED or LG

4. 2.5 oz jar Citric Acid Crystals (not pictured)

Each of these items is available individually if you do not need them all. Please see "Dyeing Supplies" under "Tools and Supplies" for additional information.