Dye Storage Bottle for Cushing Acid Dyes

Dye Storage Bottle for Cushing Acid Dyes
Item# DB1
$1.25, 25/$29.99, 50/$57.99

About This Item

For those who enjoy using Cushing Acid Dyes for dyeing yarn or rug hooking wool, this storage bottle makes the dry powder much easier to measure with all dye spoon sizes. No more "dye" fingers or fussing with envelopes and zip-lock bags.

This sturdy see-thru 1 OZ. clear plastic bottle holds more than three packets of dye. The re-usable bottle will save time and clean-up on dye day. The air-tight screw-top white plastic lid can easily be labeled with the cut-out color description from the dye packet itself, as pictured.

This product is a must-have, time-saving investment for rug hookers or any fiber artists who use Cushing Dyes. You love the dye, now you will love these bottles. Please ask us for a free dye bottle sample with any order, one per customer!