Hand-Dyed Wool Yarn for Rug Binding by the Foot

Hand-Dyed Wool Yarn for Rug Binding by the Foot
Item# dyedfinishwool

About This Item

We custom dye 100% wool yarn to match your project for that perfect binding finish. You will need to purchase 1 foot for every 1 inch of your rug's circumference for normal application. Price is $.20 per foot. Note: wool is measured before dyeing and normally shrinks during the dyeing process.

Be sure to order a approx 25% extra feet since your custom-dyed yarn will be hard to match exactly in the future if you run short.

Order extra if you are using a bulky finishing style on a primitive rug, 1-1/2 feet per inch.

Recommended calculation method for normal finishing: Rug measurement 15" x 20" rug = 70 feet of binding yarn. Add 25% extra for safety - 84 feet.

You will need to mail a good sample of the exact wool color to us which will be returned to you with your dyed yarn.