NEW! 'DONE Bell' by Laurie Gaddy - Free US Shipping

NEW!  'DONE Bell' by Laurie Gaddy - Free US Shipping
Item# donebell

About This Item

This is the coolest new thing in Rug Hooking! Laurie Gaddy of Texas thinks that all rugs should be celebrated when the hooking is completed. Created and handmade by Laurie, these are great for use at hook-ins, rug camps, guild meetings or just for yourself; it's time to celebrate our accomplishments!

Laurie says:

SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE your DONE Bell and have some fun!

Either me, you, or a friend is finally done.

Being done with a project is a beautiful thing.

So let's SHAKE our DONE Bell(tm) and let creativity ring!

I was recently at a huge hook-in in Texas and the bell rang several times each day and we had so much fun with this! Order yours today, these are really cute and fun, and they make a great gift too! Don't get caught without one of these hot 'DONE Bells' in your hooking bag.