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Let us cut and serge your linen selection for your next original pattern! Simply select the style and amount of linen you need and add our new linen cut and serge service to your order. We will will cut your new linen to the size you specify, draw the pattern outside line and professionally serge the edges to prevent raveling.

We recommend adding no less than 3-1/2 - 4 inches to each side of the original design. For example, a design measuring 28 x 48 would fit onto a piece of serged linen measuring 36 x 56 which would easily be accommodated on a 1-yard piece of 60" linen. Please let us know, in the comments section of the check-out screen, what both the outside edge of your pattern line measurements as well as the finished measurements of your completed serged linen should be. The usable remainders of your linen purchase will be shipped to you along with your finished pattern piece.

We offer this service in varying prices depending on the size of linen you need. If your pattern fits onto a 1-yard piece of linen, the cut and serge charge is $8.99, a 2-yard piece is $16.99, 3-yard piece is $23.99.

Please note, this service is an addition to your linen purchase and does not include the actual linen. You will select the number of yards needed to accommodate your pattern, then specify the finished size of the serged linen necessary to draw your design with an acceptable linen border around the design. Your cut and serge fee will be determined by the number of yards necessary to fit your own design.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not legal to copy the pattern of another designer. It is not legal to copy the pattern of another designer with only minor changes made to the design. It is legal to adapt a design from another source only with the express permission of the original designer. If you are unsure about copyright laws, we suggest you research this carefully before proceeding.