NEW ITEM! Bold & Bright by Margaret Bedle

NEW ITEM!  Bold & Bright by Margaret Bedle
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NEW ITEM!  Bold & Bright by Margaret Bedle
New from Margaret Bedle! 24 Transcolor Dye Formulas Using ProChem Wash Fast Acid Dyes.

Margaret has created these formulas, complete with gorgeous large-sized color swatches, using the concept of trans-color dyeing. Following Margaret's easy-to-use instructions, you can create beautiful wool in an amazing array of artful color combinations.

Transcolor dyeing is the process of creating color combinations that flow together in specific and pleasing combinations. Whimsical skies, scrolls, water, leaves and flowers can be hooked with a single piece of wool. Transcolor dyeing creates interesting color combinations that work well together because each color blends so beautifully into the next color following Margaret's simple instructions.