NEW ITEM! Stripsizer - Free US Shipping

NEW ITEM!  Stripsizer - Free US Shipping
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NEW ITEM!  Stripsizer - Free US Shipping
Do you ever need to know which cut was used in a rug? One you started years ago and cannot for the life of you remember what cut you used? Did you inherit or purchase a partially hooked rug and wish to finish it yourself, and have no information regarding the strip sizes or any leftover wool strips? The Stripsizer is the tool you should never be without in your tool bag! It accurately measures cut strips from size #3 - #10 to let you know the correct cut size.

The Stripsizer will also verify that your Bee Line cutter is accurately cutting the first strip; the guide plates sometimes need adjusting for accuracy.

Made of metal and completed with a powder coat finish, this tool is not only accurate, it is durable and beautiful! Purchase yours today and order another for a gift.