Pat Moyer's "Dial-A-Harmony" Color Wheel

Pat Moyer's "Dial-A-Harmony" Color Wheel
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We are excited about Pat Moyer's article 'Introducing the Behavior of Colors' in the Jan/Feb '13 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine. Pat describes her journey into the mysteries of color and her discovery of a "holy grail". She discusses selecting harmonious color combinations and has developed a wonderful new color wheel using movable dials to show where each harmony is located. Called the "Dial-a-Harmony Color Wheel", it is developed especially for rug hooking and is now available at This is a must-have for the serious rug hooker - take the guesswork out of your color planning and yield a predictably successful outcome!

With this amazing and beautiful color wheel in your rug hooking bag of tricks, you will always have the answers to the color questions we all seek right at your fingertips. Don't guess, be sure!

Instructions for use included, product measures 15.5" x 15.5". Shipped by USPS Priority Mail.