Pro-Chem Dyes - 1 Oz.

Pro-Chem Dyes - 1 Oz.
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Now, Pro-Chem Wash-Fast Acid Dyes for wool.

PRO WashFast Acid Dye (aka Nylomine Dyes)are designed to permanently dye protein fibers -- animal fibers like wool, silk, angora, mohair, alpaca, soy silk, and nylon. They have excellent wash and light fastness properties. All colors intermix well and dye with a minimum of salt and acid. Generally, one ounce of dye will color 6 pounds of wool (8 yds) to a medium shade.

Dye sold by weight not volume, dye volume varies by color, all dyes shipped in our own labeled clear plastic jars.

Note: Multiples of the same color will usually be combined into a larger jar unless otherwise requested. So, 2 x 1-oz of one color will ship in one 2-oz jar.