Rug Hooking Magazine - January/February 2022 - Free US Shipping

Rug Hooking Magazine - January/February 2022 - Free US Shipping
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January/February 2021 Volume XXXIII, Number 4

On the Cover: Fruits of the Earth, hooked by Amzi Collins.

A new year, a new opportunity for inspiration! If you have been thinking about hooking a portrait, read how Tammy Pavich met her challenges by re-thinking her approach to this difficult rug hooking designs. If you love hooking AND you love punching, Rebecca Martin has the perfect project for you, combining both—a coin pillow (heads and tails). This issue kicks off a new series of article focusing on backgrounds—who doesn’t need a few new ideas for that? And to fight the winter doldrums, hook A Cup of Herb Tea, or make yourself a charming Easter Egg in sumptuous pastels. This issue will warm your cold winter days with projects and rug hooking stories. Be sure to get your copy!

Fruits of the Earth

My 20 Year Journey with an Art Nouveau Portrait

by Amzi Collins

Taking Liberties with Portraiture

Colors Add the Charm by Tamara Pavich

Abstract Rugs

For a Change of Pace

by Susan M. Cunningham

To Punch or To Hook?

Two Sides of the Same Coin

by Rebecca Martin

A Pandemic Fix

Or, Is a Hooked Rug Ever Really Finished?

by Karl Gimber

Rug Design

Going Beyond the Photograph

by Martha Rosenfeld

The Sound of One Hand Crafting

My Experiences after Hand Surgery

by Agnes Durda

A Rug Hooking Exclusive

Single Paisley

by Lisanne Miller/W. Cushing & Co.

Beautiful Backgrounds

Part One of a Series

by Susan Grant


Hooked in the Heartland

by Anne Hoffman

Dear Beginning Rug Hooker

How to Hook a Sunflower Inch Mat

by Gail Dufresne

Blast from the Past

Hook A Cup of Herb Tea

Archives of RHM

Beyond Our Borders

Winter Doldrums?

by Sharon Oppegard

Readers’ Gallery

Jean Ottosen

by Jean Ottosen

Ask the Experts

Part 2 of a series on finishing techniques

by Carol Shewan

Artful Color

The World’s Most Wonderful Wool

by Wanda Kerr

First Rug on the Last Page: Willie

by Suzy Halloran